A Bit of Abstract

Vintage Diner Mugs with Percolator, 11″x14″

As summer winds down I’ve been playing with the paints in a bit more of an abstract way. I’ve always enjoyed using the palette knife so using some new silicone scrapers and rubber wedge brushes just seems to be a natural progression. Adding new tools to the bucket of brushes has been a fun experience.

Adding cold wax to the mix gives it an abstract look with depth and texture. The old percolator managed to catch my eye as it was peeking out front the back of the prop shelf yesterday. For this experiment I’ve repurposed an older gessobord ~ a painting that was just not working well (you have those, too, right?). After a quick hit with the sander to knock off the paint and texture it was ready for action. I liked how the bottom edge sanded, so I left it the way it was. Seems to work well with the black handle on the coffee pot.

Abstract Landscape, 9″x12″

This “landscape” used 50% oil paint mixed with 50% cold wax applied with scrapers and palette knives. Pushing and pulling to let some underneath layers show as well as adding more paint/wax mixture to blend. This experiment is on 3/4″ cradled Ampersand Claybord.

First Experiment, 11″x14″

I have found that using the cold wax with oil paint is ridiculously addictive! The more you push and pull the more you want to push and pull. These are all just experiments at this stage but I hope to use the cold wax mixed with oils in future works. So many possibilities! You can create something very textural and busy or something more subdued and blended. Either way, pushing until you unearth the layers beneath are what will give it some depth.

After painting something a bit more precise this is a great way to flex your tools by moving paint with abandon. I think I can eventually find a nice balance between the two. We will see which way I lean as time goes on.

Thanks for stopping by the blog. Cooler temps are on the way. Looking forward to slipping on a favorite sweater, sitting by the fire, taking a woodsy walk, pulling out some fall recipes, and maybe even picking up that knitting project I started last fall (I never seem to knit in the summertime).

If you give the cold wax a try, let me know how it goes. It will take some getting used to, but you just might like it.


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