I’m originally from Michigan now living in Northern California halfway between Lake Tahoe and the city of San Francisco. We’ve landed in the perfect spot near the mountains, near the ocean, and near Napa Valley. I draw a lot of inspiration from time spent at our small cabin on Donner Lake, which is currently being remodeled to include a corner for my easel.


As a still life photographer my interests have varied. For the past few years shooting stills has pulled me towards oil painting still life set ups in my studio. I am enjoying the easel time and want to share my paintings with you. I have always had an insatiable curiosity about trying new ideas, which is one of the reasons I now work in oils ~ there is always more to learn and it completely holds my interest. I began painting from photography, but quickly realized that the best results were coming from painting from life, from the original set up. I have transitioned from Still Life Photographer to Still Life Painter. It seemed like a natural progression to me. Having a photographer's eye for composition has benefited setting up my own stills for painting. My works showcase a vibrant, classic style. Just as in photography, I chose to most often use objects from everyday life, showcasing vintage pieces from my collection. I love the contrast of pairing something old with something fresh. This holds great appeal for me. All of these things connect me with the story I tell, hoping that the viewer makes a connection, as well.


I paint as a form of expressing shape, color, light and freshness of the things around me. Inspiration comes from the fresh produce at the farmer’s market, a woodsy walk at the lake gathering leaves, or simply browsing things I have on hand. I work with professional oils and paint on archival panels.


I’ve not hung up the camera, I still shoot for the pleasure of capturing the image or documenting events. I still shoot with the Sony Mirrorless, my go-to camera. I still enjoy capturing the everyday in unusual ways. I still shoot with Lensbaby Lenses. But I am focused on exploring more easel time right now. It pushes me, it holds my interest, and it gives me an amazing amount of satisfaction.


For the past few years I have been studying with academically trained, award winning artist, Kelli Folsom. I have attended workshops with her at the Scottsdale Artists School, attended immersion workshops in Kelli’s studio in Denver, Colorado, and continue instruction with her on an on-going basis.


I am also working with award winning artist Philippe Gandiol in his studio in Davis, California. I am fortunate to find a wonderful mentor locally.


Thank you for following on this journey with me.


If I can help you tell your story through oil painting or through the lens, just drop me a note. I’d be delighted to work with you.

ALL IMAGES ON MY WEBSITE ARE COPYRIGHT ~ "ALL RIGHTS RESERVED". If you would like to use an image of mine, please contact me.

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