I'm originally from Michigan now living in Northern California halfway between Lake Tahoe and the city of San Francisco. We've landed in the perfect spot near the mountains, near the ocean, and near Napa Valley. I also draw a lot of inspiration from time spent at our cabin on Donner Lake.

I have always had an insatiable curiosity about trying new ideas. Over the years my photography style has evolved. I want to photograph every day things in unusual ways. I am taking the time to slow down, to use manual focus, and really think about where I want to lead the viewer's eye. All of these things give a real connection with the story I want to tell.

There has been a camera in my hand for many years of travel, tasting, and teaching. After being a devoted Canon girl for years I've made a switch to the Sony Mirrorless A7Rii. I love it for many reasons. The E Mount lenses I use are amazing. Lensbaby lenses are also a part of my kit because they feed that curiosity enabling me to attend to the more subtle aspects, helping me to explore more options, and helping me come up with more original ways to present a subject.

Getting as much information "in camera" is important to me. Lightroom and Photoshop are my post processing tools.

ALL IMAGES ON MY WEBSITE ARE COPYRIGHT ~ "ALL RIGHTS RESERVED". If you would like to use an image of mine, please contact me.

A Few Favorites

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