Adventures with the Lensbaby Burnside35

The Burnside35. I even love the name, especially since I am a Burns. Testing the newest Lensbaby lens has been wonderful. It surprises me, delights me, and keeps me thinking about how else I could use it. I’m not really a flower photographer, but seems I could be with the Burnside. These hellebores  came to life with that first click. I pushed the in-camera vignette as far as I could with this shot and am so pleased with the sharp focus along with the swirly, Petzval-like, dancing bokeh. The vignette is controlled with a secondary aperture and lets you dial in on how much vignetting you wish to see.


I knew right away from the heft of the lens that she is serious. Sort of like a grown-up Lensbaby. The focus is sharp and the edges have that slight creative blur. For someone who likes to shoot the ordinary in unusual ways, this lens fits the need.

It may sound crazy, but it tends to give images an elegant feel. She is sophisticated with a playful side and a distinct style which I find quite attractive. Had a great time with the Burnside Shortbread Shoot. By the time I was finished they were just called the “burnside shortbreads”.

The images tend to take on warmer tones which I really like. I think I’ll be keeping this lens on my camera for quite a while.

It’s a full frame 35mm f/2.8 lens that offers the Petzval-like bokeh. It has a solid metal housing and a smooth turning manual focus ring. The primary aperture has a range of f/2.8 to f/16. Then there is the “slider’ which controls an eight-bladed iris which shades the rest of the lens from peripheral light, forcing a vignette when stopped down. More time shooting and less time processing. Who doesn’t want that?


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