August Days

Simple Pleasures, 10″x10″

August is winding down, coming to a close soon. Even though Fall is on the way there are still 100+ degree days here. Summer is leaving, but the heat is staying. It has been a pleasure staying indoors to paint with the air conditioning humming away on those very hot days. Paintings do dry a bit faster in the heat, so that is one good thing about all that sunshine out there.

Today has been sort of a “catch up” day ~ tidying up around the house, doing a little laundry, a little business paperwork at the computer, and packing a painting to ship tomorrow. I even had time today to get the daily walk in ~ yes, in the air conditioning on the treadmill.

I painted a bit today, but it wasn’t working. Just an off day where thoughts did not mesh with the canvas. Do you ever have days like that? Days where you have an idea but just cannot seem to execute it? Days where you just say “enough” and wipe the canvas clean? I will admit there was joy in destroying the paint that did not match my vision ~ pushing it in all the wrong places on purpose. Maybe all I really needed today was to make a mess.


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