Contrast in Painting Styles

Blue Hydrangeas, 11″ x 14″

These Blue Hydrangeas are fresh off the easel, still wet, sitting in a drying rack staring back at me. Flowers befuddle me. I find them difficult, which is probably why it might be a good idea to paint flowers more often. But a good, solid, heavy object is something I always like to tackle. It has weight. It doesn’t move if a breeze is blowing. It is sturdy, dependable, and often graceful.

Peach Tree, 11″ x 14″

Peach Tree is not only lively with color, but motion. It delighted me to no end to work on this. The vivid colors, the soft peaches, and the movement to the leaves had me hooked from the beginning. And the beginning was viewing them in Philippe Gandiol’s studio ~ he arranged fresh tree branches heavy with peaches for students to paint. At first the leaves, the movement, had me as fearful as if I were facing flowers. It was a wonderful couple of hours losing track of time working in Philippe’s studio. I can hardly wait to return and see what we will paint next. In the meantime I hope to be inspired to set something up just as fun as these were to paint. In all honesty, I surprised myself with this painting. Quite the contrast from Blue Hydrangeas, above.

Tea and Tools, 8″ x 10″

The contrast of these items drew me in ~ the thin, fragile tea cup paired with the weathered tool box. I’ve been looking for a small trunk, or something that has a flat top with a vintage latch ~ something a bit more vintage than this ACE Hardware latch. Setting up stills on an old chest or trunk would be wonderful to paint. Until I find what I’m really hoping to find, this weathered, hand made plywood box will give me some practice.

So far this month has been a contrast of things to paint ~ soft hydrangeas, bold peaches, and Tea and Tools. I do hope that the rest of the month will lead me to more variety and contrast as well.

Cheers to inspiration! Where do you find it? Where do you look? Does it come to you? Do you ever lose it? Rest assured, it always comes back if you do. I want mine to continue, but I also want to be pushed a bit. I think taking lessons from various artists will help me find new inspiration and keep me learning. What are you working on this summer? What inspires you? How do you stay inspired? Drop me a note ~ we may have some of the same ideas!


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