Counting the Days ’til Christmas

Are you counting the days ’til Christmas? It will be here before you know it! The shopping is done, thank you Amazon, you saved me from trips out into the madness of the season. The house is decorated, even though I seem to put up less and less each year. I’d be happy with my tiny trees at the cabin. The one little tree that is up holds only the vintage ornaments of holidays long past. Each one tucked onto the goose-feather branches. These were my Great Aunt Minnie’s (Philomeana’s) ornaments and I feel very lucky to have them. Great Aunt Minnie was my Grandmother Emma’s sister. It is amazing that I have not broken any over the years. Some are as thin as paper.

And how is your holiday baking going? I tried my hand at those cute little “mug toppers”. You know the ones . . . they sit perched on the edge of your cup/mug of hot chocolate or tea or coffee . . . I quickly found that I did not have the patience to make very many of these. I only made four. I was very happy that they photographed well and will admit that my favorite part was declaring it “demo day” and eating one. After all that fiddly work it was quite satisfying to break one up and eat it! Sorry, Santa, these will not be sitting out for you on Christmas Eve.

But don’t worry, Santa, I may be able to set a few of these out for you. Ages and ages ago I was given this little pomegranate mold and this is the first year I’ve used it. It seems that a basic brown sugar shortbread dough works quite well, so this will be on the list for Christmases to come.

And then there will be Christmas Morning ~ the Cranberry Cinnamon Rolls are currently tucked into the freezer. After pulling them out to thaw on Christmas Eve I’ll warm them and frost the rest. Oh, my, they are good ~ yes, I sampled one!! The recipe is from Epicurious and you can find the recipe here: Cranberry Cinnamon Buns  I quite like that big frosting drip! I have one more “big” thing to whip up in the kitchen ~ a birthday cake! My oldest daughter was born on Christmas Eve and we will be celebrating her birthday on her birth date, so I’ve got a few ideas brewing in my head for her cake this year.

I do think that Christmas is all about remembering Christmases past. It makes me nostalgic. It makes me very much miss those who are no longer here. My mother is still doing well, as well as any 94-year-old. But my father has been gone for many years. I do think of him everyday, but memories really tug at my heart around the holidays. This is for you, Dad.

All roads lead home during the holidays, even if only in our dreams.

All the best to you and yours this season.




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