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Many people ask how I process images beyond the simple edit. This was shot with the Burnside35. I will show my workflow here from the tiny poppy seed heads, above, to the final image shown below:

I placed the image at the top of this post into Photoshop, duplicating it and setting the opacity to approximately 75%. This will vary depending on your own image or images. A layer of neutral gray was added on top of this image to use for Dodge/Burn if needed. Then you can turn off the bottom/background layer.

I’ve added a curves adjustment to this layer before continuing.

The original image was duplicated, moved to the top of the stack, and moved to the upper right corner. The blending mode was changed to Screen. You can adjust the opacity if desired. You may also need to make a layer mask and remove any unwanted edges that distract from your final vision.

The original image was again duplicated and moved to the top of the stack. This time it was moved towards the lower center and the blending mode was changed to Screen. Again, adjust the opacity if necessary and use layer masking to remove portions that may distract from your final image.

One more time, the original image was duplicated and moved to the top of the stack. This time it was moved to the lower right to fill in that corner. Make necessary adjustments as needed.

I’ve added one of my textures, sizing it to fit, setting the blend mode to Soft Light and masking away portions that were distracting. You can also adjust the opacity of this layer to suit.

A second texture was added, sizing it to fit, and setting to the blending mode of Soft Light. Make adjustments as necessary that suit your image. This is my final image. It reminds me of something other-worldly or something under water. I like these textures that give the impression of viewing something a bit mysterious.

Just to show you the proportion of these little poppy seed heads, I’m adding this image:

You never know when something so small can spark creativity. I encourage you to get to know your software that can inspire. Photoshop does it for me, having worked with it for many years.

It really is just a matter of experimenting, trying new things, following ideas, playing with options, and pushing to take something further.

And keep in mind, that no two images will respond to the same treatment. This goes beyond just putting a texture on an image. Have fun trying new things to see where your creativity can go.

If you like this post, please leave a comment. I may be sharing other images that go beyond the simple edit.

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