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Spring is trying to grab our attention here. We have sunny days, but it is still cold in the mountains dipping down to 5* at night. Winter seems to realize that it forgot us and is trying to make up for lost time by dusting the cabin with snow. Here “down the hill” the Farmer’s Markets are coming to life with fresh produce and it is very welcome. We still see winter veggies but now they are mixed with bright spring greens. Plump peas are always a treat whether tossed in a salad or a stirfry.

Shelling peas reminds me of my mother. Of course I only have a small bowl to shell where she had a bushel to shell!

Grocery store celery is just not the same as the Farmer’s Market celery. I’ll admit I purchased this stalk of celery because it resembled a large bouquet and I wanted to shoot it. It is so nice to find greenery on the veggies just as colorful and healthy as the veggies! After it’s photoshoot, I declared celery an under appreciated vegetable. Then I had to scramble to find a use for it and googled Celery Soup. This light version is perfect for my lunches this week.

I don’t eat cabbage that often, but this one with the curly purple edges came home, too. I suppose everything this fresh tastes good!

Baby turnips, always a favorite – oven roasted!

The lettuces, radishes, and watercress were salads this week. Somehow shopping has turned into “first we shoot, then we eat”.  Thank you Hillview Farms – it was great to find your booth!

One of the artisan bakeries offered this Meyer Lemon/Rosemary Bread last weekend. Oh. My. Goodness. I knew it would make a lovely flatlay shot and put it off all day to keep from slicing into it. But when I did slice it, it was amazingly wonderful. I will need to try this with my sourdough starter. My rosemary is blooming like crazy already and I still have Meyer Lemons on the tree out back.

Clementine Coffee Roasters was there, so coffee beans were tucked into the basket, too. And that half eaten apple/cheddar scone was perfect with the Clementine Coffee.

I hope you have some fun markets in your area ~ check them out and get inspired! Then sign up for our Still Life/Food Photography Workshop and we can help you with composition, lighting, backdrops, editing, and tasting! You can find all the details here: Still Life/Food Photography Workshop

Happy Shooting and Eating!



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