I Love the Farmer’s Markets!

Springtime! With Spring comes the first vegetables from the farmers. I am lucky enough to live where there are several Farmer’s Markets to take advantage of. Seeing the French Breakfast Radishes reminds me of shopping at the markets in Southern France. It is wonderful talking with the vendors and listening to them chat with each other. As always, I love to find beautiful green frilly tops on all the produce they offer.

Do you like the crunch of radishes in salads? Or do you like them with butter and salt?

While I might not eat them for breakfast, they make a nice crunchy snack mid-day. And no trip to the Farmer’s Market is complete unless I pass by the flower vendors.

Seriously, how could I resist?

I hope Mother Nature is done messing with us all and she can settle down, letting us get on with Springtime activities. It did snow up at the cabin yesterday ~ I mean, really! Move along Mother Nature, it is beyond time to switch seasons!




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