Kicking Off The New Year

Kicking off the New Year ~ seems like there are many things to do, many places to go, and many things to shoot. While my own “bucket list” is quite small, I have a feeling this will be a very busy year.

Heading out on a road trip January 1st ~ I’m going to attempt to tackle the one thing that has always been in the back of my mind, the one thing that just keeps “whispering” to me ~ I’m headed to Scottsdale Artists’ School to take an in-person oil painting workshop with Kelli Folsom. I’ve been taking on-line lessons from her for the past 9 months and have really enjoyed it. As a still life photographer I am hoping to set up stills to paint from. If not now, when? I think it’s time. The time at the easel is often frustrating/relaxing, but I am enjoying the journey. Here are few favorites completed in the past year.

I love color. I love light. I do know that I have so much to learn. I could tell you what is wrong with each of these images, but it would get long and boring very quickly. I just feel that I need to SEE her paint, I need to SEE her load her brushes, and I need to get a better grasp on so many things. I’m also hoping not to embarrass myself with how little I know!

There is more that keeps us busy, so I may just need to work on scheduling my own down-time, as needed. I don’t want 2019 to rush by and then wonder where it went. I want to savor times during the new year and make sure they do not become a blur. Is that possible?

I’m also excited to be working with Marie Otero in the new year ~ nothing could be better than us two getting our heads together to plan out a new workshop for you! This spring our workshop will be held in Vancouver, Washington (the one near to Portland, Oregon). Another road trip in the works as Marie and I fill the vehicle with props, backdrops, lighting, and more to bring our show on the road, in a manner of speaking. We hope to stop by Lensbaby in Portland ~ after all, we will be offering help with Lensbabies at the workshop so it might be fun to meet the peeps behind the lenses! You can always read more about this workshop and the wonderful venue of Deb’s barn: here

Just follow the links.

What’s on your list? What is it that keeps “whispering” at you? Whatever it is, I hope you can acknowledge it and make some time for it. Don’t ignore the “whisper” too long. . . If nothing else, you will have satisfied that “whisper” before it become a “shout”.

All the very best to you and yours in the New Year.



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  • Gretchen

    Karen, Craig Strong has also offered to give me a tour as I usually buy my lenses direct from his place of business. I wonder if we could arrange a field trip for the whole workshop attendees?ReplyCancel

    • KarenBurns

      Gretchen, we may need to ask people to tour prior to the workshop or even the day after ~ our time will be short, and we pack in a lot of information in the workshops. But I will think on this a bit. . . ReplyCancel

      • Gretchen

        Oh yes, I did not mean during the workshop. We want to spend every minute with you, learning.ReplyCancel

        • KarenBurns

          OK, 🙂 We will see what we can do, Gretchen! And thank you for passing the word on to Tricia!ReplyCancel