Palette Knife Painting

Balance, Eucalyptus with Vintage Metal Pot, 8″x10″

I really enjoy painting with a palette knife. I’ve had my favorite knife for years ~ you know the one ~ the one that feels good in your hand, the one that is razor sharp on the edges from years of use, the one whose shape just seems to fit the task. It has been dropped several times, it even has a little bend at the tip that I’m used to. After years of use (torture) it finally had its final mishap ~ while mixing paint it broke right at the flex point!

Of course, the brand, the name, the size, the number everything about it wore off long ago. I’ve been searching palette knives on the internet, but have not come up with the exact one yet. I mean, it is not like there aren’t several others to choose from here, so it is time to just bite the bullet and get used to something new.

The Vase, 9″x12″

After messing around for a day with a different knife painting a bunch of nonsense I decided to use it on this vase. The knife was stubborn, but so am I. By the time it was finished, we decided that maybe we could work together.

White Hydrangeas, 9″x12″

A little more play, something abstract, just because the hydrangeas are blooming now. Something light, airy. Surprisingly, the knife cooperated pretty well ~ we can be friends now.

I like the give and take with the knife. The push, the pull. I don’t get that with brushwork. New knives have been ordered so there will be plenty of choices for future projects.

The top two paintings on this page are available for purchase and will be added to the portfolio soon. The hydrangea painting has already sold. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

Hope your summer is a good one.


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  • Linda MacGregor

    I love your palette knife work! I’ve only fiddled with them on occasion and honestly, I couldn’t get it to cooperate (read I don’t know what I’m doing). I’m glad the new one is working out so well for you!ReplyCancel

    • Thank you Linda ~ it does take some time to get used to the knives. They feel awkward at first. I practiced a lot on scrap canvas in the beginning.ReplyCancel

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