Recent Interview with Southwest Art Magazine

I was recently asked to share my process when creating an oil painting with Southwest Art Magazine. The article is My Process/My Portfolio. Several images were submitted for review ~ paints, brushes, studio set up, and the progression of a painting.

This Lensbaby Fisheye lens makes the studio look much larger than it really is. I could spend all day in here and quite often I do. A huge bonus is the fireplace, which is so wonderful on chilly mornings. And, yes, I did tidy up a bit for the shoot. The numbers correspond below:

  1. The Easel ~ a pretty floor mat to catch drips and a comfy mat to stand on
  2. Wall Shelf ~ to store extra frames
  3. Still Life Set-up Area ~ with the BEST light I could find. A “direct plus” bulb from Method Light
  4. Glass Palette ~ made from an old tempered glass shelf and spray painted neutral gray on the underside
  5. Cabinet of Props ~ pottery, copper, porcelain, bottles, and more
  6. Framed Works ~ a few of my favorites, framed with some of my favorite props on the mantle
  7. Shelves ~ for drying/curing paintings. They are tucked into plate racks. A bit of prop “overflow” on bottom shelf
  8. Work Station ~ for all those things that do not require a paintbrush in hand
  9. My Shadow ~ from the great window behind me
  10. Hubby’s Corner ~ we share an “office space” but he only gets this one little corner

Fall Persimmons, oils on archival panel

This is the painting created for the article. You can see it in all of the stages here: Southwest Art Magazine Karen Burns

Thanks for stopping by. All the best of the season to you and yours.


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