Shooting in the Woodsy Outdoors

We will be shooting stills in the woodsy outdoors this Fall in Connecticut ~ info here! I’m so excited for cooler weather. It has been insufferably hot here in Northern California this July with temps most days hovering between 95* and 100* with several days spiking over 100*. Combine the high temps with grass and forest fires and you have a mix of smoke and haze in the air, as well. A good long rain would help tremendously at this point! But turning my thoughts towards the upcoming Still Life/Food Photography Workshop has me thinking of all the good things we will be offering in cooler temps.

Sometimes still life shooting can be challenging ~ you have so many items that are part of the story, but they just don’t all fit into one image! Face it, you cannot shoot the whole world. We can help you with that subtle art of composition which means deciding what to leave in and what to edit out. The star of this image is the vintage green Aladdin Stanley thermos. It is in great shape and still quite functional!  It very much reminds me of going fishing in the summertime with my father. Even today, if I just smell coffee it reminds me of him. So this image is a little tribute to that amazing man who took us fishing, camping, and traipsing across the United States every summer. This image sings to me and we want to help you create images that sing to you!

While the coffee is prominent here, I’ve given these decadent sweets a starring role. They are a great twist on cinnamon rolls, far out-shining anything else I’ve baked lately. Just to give the image more of a personal meaning, I’ve added one of my mother’s forks and you can see a portion of one of my grandmother’s quilts in the bottom corner. I think if you shoot what you love you can hardly go wrong. We will also be helping you with lighting, focus, storytelling through imagery, composition, and much more!

OK, these rolls are fabulous! The filling is oven roasted strawberries ~ did you know that oven roasting the fruit deepens the flavor? My whole house smelled like fresh strawberries for hours. I had a few purple plums I needed to use up, so they were cut up and oven roasted right along with the berries. What an amazing flavor combo! I haven’t mentioned yet that the dough has 1/2 cup of cream cheese in the batter. The recipe is from King Arthur Flour and can be found here. I made the filling the day before I intended to bake, so it saved some time on baking day. And the only substitution I made was adding 3 or 4 cut up, fresh plums in with the strawberries when roasting them. It gave me a bit of extra “filling” which is tucked in a jar in the fridge to slather on morning toast. That tart/sweet taste is pretty darned wonderful with my morning coffee. My rising time was shorter for the dough because I set it outside on the porch where it was 80* in the shade ~ it was rising in no time and worked out well for my busy day!

Our Still Life/Food Photography Workshop is not quite full as of today. We have a couple spots still open and take only a very small group so you will get lots of personal attention, especially since you will have two instructors. Come join us, have a cup of coffee with us.  There will be many prop options, but feel free to bring any special items of your own. You will have the chance to shoot in Marie Otero‘s studio for our indoor set ups as well as shooting on the woodsy grounds. Details are here and if you have questions, just let us know.

October! What a lovely word. Just saying it makes me feel a little less stressed from this summer heat.



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