Small Works/Covid Minis

Mason’s Apple ~ this was the last apple rolling around in the crisper drawer.

I truly hope that you and yours are doing well and staying healthy in these uncertain times. A few days ago we reached the 60th day of shelter-in-place and we have all come to find new ways to stay socially connected. Does it seem like it has been more than 60 days? In many ways, it feels longer to me.

Rolling Pear ~ it refused to stand up, so I let it roll in place.

As we have pared down and simplified I find it has carried over into my work. Most days I have been painting smaller and keeping the compositions simple in order to continue with daily easel time. There are approximately 20 Small Works/Covid Minis tucked into the Small Works Portfolio at KarenBurnsFineArt. They are priced to continue the theme of paring down and simplifying. Small Works = Small Pricing. If you have an interest just click here and it will take you directly to the portfolio.

Unpacking Treasures, 12″x12″

Along with the shelter-in-place I found myself doing a bit of on-line shopping browsing Etsy for some inspiration. This pot, above, was certainly calling to me and I’m very glad it found it’s way here. I flipped on old crate upside down and set the pot on it and liked what I saw. A few small bits were added for color and I had a most enjoyable time at the easel. While it is not in the Small Works Portfolio, it is a painting created during Covid and I wanted to share it with you here.

Tarnished, 8″x10

Tarnished, is another recently finished painting. This beat up silver pitcher found it’s way here via Etsy, too. The unpolished metal really appealed to me and it is paired with grocery store blooms. Won’t it be nice to shop in a grocery store without masks and gloves again?

Be well, stay safe and sane ~ while this summer may not be as carefree as summers of the past, we will all make it through to the other side.

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