The Birds Still Sing, The Flowers Still Bloom, The Sun Still Shines

The world as we know it has changed. If you are like me, you are still adapting to some sort of a new routine which includes keeping you and your loved ones safe and healthy. I am motivated to get out and move, taking walks every day. The fresh air helps clear my head and blow the cobwebs of the news away. A simple thing to do in the new routine. And I do hear the birds singing, I see the flowers blooming, and I can feel the sun shining. Spring will simply not be held back when Mother Nature is ready. Even if neighbors cross the road when meeting me, we still wave and say Good Morning. Just a little connection we all look forward to.

I am finding it difficult to concentrate enough to create paintings of more substance, so I’ve scaled back working on small panels ~ 6″x8″ minis or 8″x10″ almost minis. I still need a little easel time for sanity. One cannot dwell on the news all of the time. In fact, we are limiting the news. What are you doing in your new routine? How are you managing where you are? Are you listening to more music, reading books, drawing, shooting your camera, sketching, painting, walking, cooking? I often think of those who are isolated and those who do not even comprehend the situation. The confusion they must feel.

These are all small paintings. It seems that since I have “scaled back” in many things that my paintings have taken on “pared down” compositions. I have less time to paint, yet I want to paint ~ it calms me in the chaos.

And I am very drawn to color yellow right now. Yellow is cheerful and we could all use some cheer. I’ve painted all of our pears, then eaten them. Grocery shopping is an adventure. When we cannot find items we shopped for they are added to the “Wish List”. We are not only shopping for our needs, but for our daughter’s house, as well. I sincerely hope that you and yours are safe and healthy and can stay that way.

We will all work together and we will all get through this. And when we make it through to the other side, perhaps the world will be a kinder and more tolerant place. Please stay safe.



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