The End of Summer

End of Summer Bouquet

It’s true, Summer is coming to an end. Either that makes you happy so you can enjoy some cooler weather or it makes you sad to leave the lake behind. I think these are the last sunflowers for this summer. I’m OK with that since there are fields and fields of them over near Davis that bloom every year. There will be more in due time.

Painting flowers has always thrown me for a loop. Seriously, I just seem to get lost with all of that “stuff” going on in there. I happily admit it is getting better, but I did avoid them as long as I could. The breezy petals are so different from a nice solid object with weight.

Blue Hydrangeas

These hydrangeas were tackled last month and I felt like I was pecking them to death with the brushes. We both survived.

One Dozen

And roses! I have not fully mastered painting a full blown blooming rose yet, but I keep trying.

Summer Rose with Summer Cherries

There most likely will not be a lot of flowers in my future for the upcoming seasons, so no stress about that. Some people have vowed to paint a rose a day to improve their skills ~ I’ve not considered that yet. The garden is looking a bit forlorn ~ I’ll have lemons on the tree again and maybe just a spot or two of color, but nothing major is going on out there. I’ll let it rest until Spring. The garden and the flower painting, I think.

Enjoy the last weeks of warm weather. I’m looking forward to pulling on a sweatshirt and picking up leaves and maybe some acorns.

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