The More you Paint, the More you Learn

The more you paint, the more you learn. Well, it’s true for me, anyway. I’ve not had much experience painting draped fabric and found it difficult to paint hints of the design. So I went with mottled color. Works for me in this painting, but something I certainly want to explore more.

The fabric is a remnant from having the ottoman reupholstered several years ago. Yeah, I saved a piece! The copper pitcher was picked up for $8 in a second hand shop in Reno. The plums were fresh from the market and served double duty, since they are quite delicious.

At first I was so engrossed in the fabric I completely forgot what colors to use for the copper. It was the deer-in-the-headlights look for several minutes before my brain caught up with expressing the end result. Does that ever happen to you? Do you need to refer to old notes of previous works?

I’m still so new to painting that I have a notebook full of color mixes. Still hoping that this will eventually become more intuitive as I continue. My brain simply cannot remember it all, so the notebook stays with me.

I’ve been studying with Kelli Folsom for a year and a half now. Even though I will continue with her, I’m beginning to venture out a bit. This week I begin lessons with Philippe Gandiol in Davis. The plan is to meet every other Thursday for a few hours. I like how he uses the palette knife and I’m certain there will be much to learn. It is difficult to find good lessons in my area without travel expenses. Davis is only an hour away so no flights, no hotel, no car rental ~ it should work out nicely.

What is in your area? Are you taking any lessons? Are you studying with someone you admire? Even if not in-person, there are so many artists who teach on-line offering sessions, videos, and more. I ventured into this slowly, found I really enjoy the easel time, and am happy to continue learning.

Have a creative week!


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