The Ugly Pot

The Ugly Pot. It really is a very unattractive color on the outside ~ an unglazed, undetermined, muddy color. Probably why it was only a few dollars. But I loved the shape and the fact that it came from France. Oh, the little things that sway us to purchase a prop! The interior is another story ~ the inside of the pot is a beautiful glazed yellow ochre. Glazed on the inside to hold food items and unglazed on the outside for simple household use.

I wanted to bring it to life, to give it some respect. After all, it has served a good purpose for many years without a chip or crack. Not that I would have minded if it showed it’s age. It seems I am forever attracted to the old, vintage, antique, dented, rusted, cracked, tarnished, cast off items that others no longer have a use for. Those are the ones that call to me. And the palette knife was just itching to give this pot a go.

October has brought some cooler breezes and a little color here in Northern California, but no rains yet. It has also brought a time for me to slow down to attend to some things here at home ~ taking care. I’ll be back at the easel soon!



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