Using Different Tools for Painting

Orange Slice, 6″x6″, Study

I’ve been playing around with different tools for painting and enjoying how easy it is to blend and push paint with a silicone scraper. Catalyst makes some fun ones but it does take getting used to. The brush that has a rubber wedge where the bristles should be is another one that lets you make quick work of pushing paint or removing paint. And if you don’t like where you pushed it, just swipe over it again.

Lemon with Eucalyptus, 6″x8″ Study

This is one of the first ones I attempted with the rubber wedge brush. I like how it let me swipe over the leaves to lighten them, pushing them back into the background.

Study in Blue, 11″x14″

After swiping with the scraper to blend this background, I did go in with brushes to paint the pot, then thought I’d see how far I could push it to create “lost” edges. It is still recognizable as a pot, but very little information is given. The leaves were added with a palette knife.

I think the trick is to not over-think it. Just do it. So far, it has been an enjoyable process and I’d really like to become more skilled with the wedges and scrapers. It is a bit messy, but messy is good.

Row of Apples, 11″x14″

I think my goal is to create a bit more interest in a background still life painting. This was painted to mimic a kitchen tile backsplash for these apples. Obviously this one will take some extra time to dry. I’m pleased with the results and hope to incorporate more ideas as I move forward.

Silicone Scrapers and Rubber Wedge Brush

Please let me know what you think, should you decide to try them. And wish me luck!


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