Wintery End to 2017

A whole New Year waits for you, stretching out in front of you. Mine is ending in a wintery wonderland in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Since Fall comes late here and Spring comes early, time away in the snow is wonderful! I hope your year is ending on a good note and that the coming New Year will bring you and yours the best life has to offer. I can describe my 2017 with a few words: Luck, Randomness, Chaos, Choice, and Chance.  All good things, I think. I hope 2018 offers me more of the same. Of course, with a bit of Adventure tossed in for good measure.

A few images taken last week while at Donner Lake.

While I will be waiting for Spring, I’m in no hurry.

Stay warm. Stay dry. Sip something hot. Pull those boots on. Grab the mittens. Don’t forget your camera. And enjoy!


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